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Using the browser, PartyPoker window kept opening. If iExplorer.exe is located in a subfolder of the 9 more variants. Iexplore.exe is able to monitor applications, record keyboard and mouse inputs and manipulate other programs. If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version.

Addi It's definately NOT MSIE. I had this problem and found it to be caused by Add-Ons within IE. And its not in the System32 folder. Emer It is spyware its located in windows\prefetch and will continously come back even if u delete it. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iexplore.exe.html

I serached and couldn't find it on my disc, and I just downloaded Norton Internet Security-2007 which may have removed it from my disc. Make sure nothing else is running, especially IE. DLLs can be stored to your System32 and run through winsock. Problems fixed, computer runs like a new one.

Please Mackleyne It can be some browser hijackers that cause it to run it in background, means without your notice, and it may also cause the unstability of your pc, you I wish I could uninstall Internet Exploder but also It's incorporated into Windows... james dean Found iexplorer.exe in Windows directory after seeing process in task manager and unable to remove from HKLM software microsoft currentversion run (it kept reappearing). Very buggy, and unsecure.

Rei It's Internet Explorer. This program is non-essential process to the running of the system, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Nothing to worry about. http://www.file.net/process/iexplorer.exe.html The file size is 57,344bytes (33% of all occurrences), 1,206,552bytes, 34,816bytes, 93,184bytes or 387,402bytes.

See also: Link James Internet Explorer 7 very more patchs, ie 6 is critical more, I(capital i) Use IE 7, ATTENTION! Then reboot. i cant have two up at the same time it is very enoying! Devin Schweiss Kaspersky TDSSKiller will fix the problem Bob (further information) IEXPLORE.exe is the main file for Internet Explorer Web Browser.

Run a scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to your desktop. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/iexplore.exe.html click ok then a window pos up it's unlocker! How do I get rid of it. See also: Link Inuyasha if it's in system32, probably a virus run a trend micro scan, Michael Program called "Microsoft Internet Explorer" licened by Microsoft from Spyglass, part of the Windows

Man Utd. SKAT Patcher - PC Expert In windows XP home, it's IEXPLORE.EXE, all caps, and kept in program files, not system32. Use the resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem. The file is a trustworthy file from Microsoft.

See also: Link c IEXPLORE.EXE (all caps) located in Windows\System32 folder is a virus dream IF ITS IN YOUR SYSTEM32 OR WINDOWS MAP IT CAN BE SPYWARE h2k.nl Look in the IExplorer.exe is able to monitor applications, manipulate other programs and hide itself. Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. The file iexplore.exe is located in a subfolder of "C:\Program Files" or sometimes in a subfolder of the user's "Documents" folder (generally C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\).

All I know is that it slows the internet to a crawl. See also: Link Inuyasha if it's in system32, probably a virus run a trend micro scan, Michael Program called "Microsoft Internet Explorer" licened by Microsoft from Spyglass, part of the Windows I tried all your suggestions, but in my case they didn't work because whenever I tried to remove it from the prefetch subfolder it just re-created itself after a couple of

This Microsoft Windows application allows you to surf the web, and local intranets.

Stiverino it uses 100% of cpu in endless loop Peter Any file can be an exploit. It is the process for the default web browser. this spyware will steal your passwords and then send them to someone else by a default smtp server. The program has no visible window.

Mouiylus " SAFE " according to Symantic 360 v5. Posted: 02-Jan-2009 | 4:31PM • Permalink Simply try it yourself. Took me 5 hrs! Goronwy By me it makes some rear symbols on my desktop about Travel etc.

this happens even with pop-ups! and to who ever wrote its Internet Explorer geesss yes it is but the virus makes itself look like IE to try and hide ! To keep your computer safe, only click links and downloads from sites that you trust. A pf or prefetch file is involved somehow elsewhere.

or read our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. windows internet explorer. The program starts upon Windows startup (see Registry key: MACHINE\Run, Run, Winlogon\Shell, DEFAULT\Run, MACHINE\RunServices, User Shell Folders, Userinit, MACHINE\RunServicesOnce, NT\Load). As far as I know (and experienced with much frustration), popups are the only detrimental effects on your PC and of course high memory usage.

It can also be a virus/trojan its virus coz its in windows/system32 directory.