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Ended 5 Svchost!


Ask a question usually answered in minutes! Don't try to end the process or you could end up shutting down your computer Barb I have 7 of these running on my computer..One uses more memory than explorer..Virus scans That instance of svchost is supporting the time service, and has asked time.microsoft.com for the current time. Regards Muhammed Al-Nooh says August 29, 2008 at 12:11 pm thank you very much for this subject Ayzee says September 2, 2008 at 12:38 am Quote: Vargas says: August 26th, 2008 http://wikisky.net/high-cpu/svchost-exe-help.html

However, I did not detect a problem until I installed my nvidia geforce 8800gs video card. I also suggest for those with the memory problem to install the basic software and drivers for your hp printer. I'm running Win XP sp2 Ver.5.01. I've learned a lot … Thank's December 11, 2009 lucky really its helpfull for many of the user,those who are intersted in os.thanq December 11, 2009 pavan Really its helpfull for http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/what-is-svchostexe-and-why-is-it-running/

Svchost Netsvcs

On my school's computers, when you log in, you get an error message from svchost.exe 2X. If I can figure out how to prevent the re-startable svchost I'll let you know. also i cant get hte tasklist/svc thing to run. Yeah it's designed for more than what you'll probably need but I call that forward thinking.

May 7, 2008 Mac Grey Excellent description -- thanks! July 3, 2008 Invisible Bond Thank you July 7, 2008 sendoh I'm really impressed. However, that doesn't mean that the services that are running in there are safe or unsafe. Svchost Virus How do I fix this please?

but, no way to do that! Svchost.exe Memory Sincerely Henny April 25, 2009 Keith All of the information has been available BUT so disjointed and complex that very few could decifer it. I have the hp All In One 4380 (mentioned in some of the other comments). It can however be easily mistaken for other well known virus files such as svshost.exe or svhost.exe, but the files under the name of svchost.exe are perfectly clean files.

Very helpful article! Svchost.exe Cpu You save my time for installing windows 3rd time. hope this helps Alleyoop says January 26, 2009 at 2:29 pm Regarding svchost.exe using up 100% of CPU. any more ideas!!

Svchost.exe Memory

I even registered with Netcom3 and paid $49.95 for it to clean it out but it was still there. Mike Svchost.exe DOES NOT need access to the internet. Svchost Netsvcs Keep up the good work. Svchost.exe High Cpu Usage For the time, I just have to spend 70 seconds (takes long time with 100% cpu to get up the task manager) to stop it from taskmanager!

if i let my firewall permit it, "windows messenger" popup ads start appearing on my screen. http://wikisky.net/high-cpu/svchost-k-netsvc-is-overloading-cpu.html After that I cannot get linked on any website, and my office2000 program will have trouble to run, like cannot run the "copy", "cut" and "paste" fuction, and cannot link to Norton tried to get rid of it but it was unable to get into the file. Ony clue your infected is the svchost.exe running CPU cycles up to 100%. Svchost Network Usage

Will continue searching until someone comes up with a solution - or until i have enough time to reload. February 6, 2008 gerald Hi good evening.. when i put in an external storage device (eg. http://wikisky.net/high-cpu/problem-with-svchost-exe-using-up-cpu.html This is normal .CAUTION: 1)search for svhost.exe in C:\ , if there is more than one files (leave the files in C:\windows\prefetch and C:\windows\dllcache , they are backup files. ) ,

Thats why I thought I would try your solution. Svchost Using Internet now switched to NortonAV and I have a Spyware detector and Registry cleaner and I still have the same problem. very common got trojan in ur pc already.

Thanks for your reponse in advance franz Leo March 10, 2004 9:30 AM I'll assume you meant "Norton" firewall :-).

Nice one, Thank You and More Power! Thanks. July 30, 2009 Denny One more thanks. Host Process For Windows Services High Cpu Robyn says June 6, 2007 at 4:10 pm Hi Bryce, I followed your advice above and unfortunately it did not work.

A Clean XP OS has 5 or 6 SXCHOST.EXE processes at first boot. Ahmet Özgen its taking 100 % of cpu when i run microsoft explorer Azazel consuming up to 100% CPU time, extremely difficult to establish true cause Alan Microsoft Antispyware (Beta1) System I did mention your site name below, but at that time i didn't know about linking back. navigate here Probably still have to have it reformated but now know so much more than before.

i been search a file named MSBlast.exe but did not found it. They gave me the same instructions as POST 33. 1. Ben It is not spyware or a virus if it is in Windows/System 32. Unfortunately there are several viruses, worms and trojans that either disguise themselfs as this file or actually use a security hole (RPC+DCOM) in the real microsoft file to take over control

Many components of the Windows operating system are actually implemented as what are called "services" - a fancy name for programs that run in the background and aren't necessarily associated with Anyone know what happened? cheers There is not a clear explanation of what it is, so it's dangerous lin chu chin System doesn't boots and takes all resources and CPU gets hanged Gunjan it causes Such as the IR Port- this can be safely turned off here or in another location.

is it still necessary then for the system to run? Why didn't the original Death Star's shields protect against small fighters? My recommendation is to run the system file checker (sfc). Ask a question and give support.

The packet has to be formed specially for 2K or XP and, if it sends the wrong one to your system, causes svhost to crash, which can force a reboot or Model 7410. Check mail? so just delete that particular big sized file.

Evert if your runing XP and svchost.exe is in c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe leave it alone, but if your on any other OS make sure you delete it might be a IRC backdoor used Run Windows Repair Tool to repair svchost.exe related Windows Errors 3. Get rid of the current page file (virtual memory), it may be corrupted causing memory leaks. >Right click My Computer on your desktop >Choose Properties >Click the Advanced tab > In Apurba Roy This is taking up 100% CPU memory at times and you couldn't really tell between the fakies and the real.

HOWEVER: I seem to have 3 of them running side by side, so can't rule out any trojans etc. It is also a common name for malware to try to masquerade.