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need help with SLI

Enabling Minidump

Connecting tointernet

how to solve api.mybroser.com?

help.i got a virus!

Flashed New Bios

how do I delete a driver on Vista?

cant remove sound and network drivers?

Popups and other issues

Browser popup problem

Hooking up to PC

Computer Text/Font changed

Unblock/Block certain websites

Windows 7: Some apps need to run twice

Can't arrange Videos folder

Possible spyware / admin changes

www.globalecmarket.com popups 2

How to format second operating system?

I think I have keyloggers

How do I stop my folders from being seen by another account?

Changing OS w/o Disk Drive

New Lan Connection Creation

how to split Desktop

foldernames on desktop

Need help to identify if machine is still infected

Hijack my friend log

Virus/ spyware problems - now can't use USB HD before reinstalling system

can't open multiple windows in IE

Please cleanse this log file

Two OS on same partition!

weird issue with hdd- is it dead?

Need Help with Spyware

going wireless

antivirus infection on my computer

Keyloger deleted?

Reformat & reinstall Vista

how to check the length of a response from user

Copy/Paste from Internet

HELP with virus problems!

Win8 Bios Settings

Can't remove many malware

Redirect web pages

Virus infected computer.

Nasty pop-up

XP reformat help

Faulty internet after forum help with malware

WLAN 802.11b/g not working

System Crashed. Need help

Suspected virus problem

Help removing AD Block Plus

Unwanted Page redirects and pop ups

pop-ups and Norton alerts

need help with re-format

Burning CDs

can i use lan connection without internet connection ?

Getting rid of this virus/popup

Incessant Popups until CPU seizure.

Music importing.

Have to manually enable device!

How to make a bootable disk with menu?

Need Help Computer + Internet SLOW

Icon removal

Page load error question - Firefox or Windows?

Anti-virus ads keep popping up

A bunch of popups that won't stop

reinstalling windows. Please help me.

I need help unlocking this download on this survey

How to share the folder?

Help! Unable to delete Malware file!

Unistalling games and programs.

After installing Adblocking software

unlocking folders

How to avoid corrupted downloads

Changing User Name?

having spyware problem

Installation Problem (Windows xp and 7)

changingicons on desktop

How to put a picture in a forum post


Hotmail Denial

MyWebSearch viruses removed.still experiencing same issues

Ipod and windows 8

Desktop states there is Spyware on my PC

Laptop crashes.

How to configure Ports with a Dial-Up connection

Very Annoying browser redirect + slow comp.

Help -- How to save the OS from HD (put on by the manufacturer)?

Remove Win7 from boot list

Reformatted computer operating system will not put up on first try

How to run Memtest from CD-ROM in XP

Kids accidently performed a Restore

can we brake the computer password

Google redirect

Cleaning out friends computer.

Record Control on Quick Launch

Strange Windows Opening (not pop-ups)

Want to use the monitor's speakers and the laptop's

new user account

How can I make my computer stronger?

Virus the replicates and corrupts files

Please Help - My Important Files encrypted!

Potentially Extremely Embarassing- Please Help

overriding a password

Help with Viruses. :(

IE search results jump/redirect

Computer/Virus problems please help!

*ed Windows popup

annoying adware- pop ups

spyware issues

Extremely Infected Computer

My wireless connection works on campus but not in a coffee shop

No internet and system running terribly slow

deleting an XP installation

Logs: Error cleaner

IE8 has slow buffering for videos in Windows 7

Winrar says that the CRC is wrong

Adobe & My CD drive

Severe computer issue

win7 - restore/hd virus - lost data

I want to make my DVDRW drive bootable

Vista taking extra ram for video?

how to remove wise-ftp

How to reinstal xp on a dell/hp machine without the recovery disk.

Convert hotmail to text

Sending large photo email attachments

Unable to Print from Vista to a Windows 98 shared Printer

Is there any way to disable the 'always perform selected action' option.

Game lag

My computer is JACKED! Firefox Redirects

Cookies Turned Off?!?!?!?!

I can't open Winzip or Winrar files.

Laptop Mouse Freezing

Just got the virus that hides everything. help please?

Suddenly Slow Machine w/ Security Warnings

So I got a new monitor

Backing up email

OS installed over another?

Need help getting rid of HKI virus.

Please help with this odd PC infection

Low Res Black Screen?

Suspected Virus/Spyware in Win7 Home Premium

Please Help me figure this out.


2 operating systems in one laptop

Diagnosis of Suspected Malware Needed (picture)

problem opening my disk drives

Erasing all personal Files

Problem Copying Files From DVD

connect to wifi

Malaware and popup problem

Adware problem.

change resolution

IE problems - Downloader and Trojan Horse

I need formatting help

Making icons on system tray larger

Trying to fix infected PC ? Please help !

can i format New HD with Recovery CDs?

Second PC on Network

heyakiko.dll error

Can't open any downloaded files

help with locating and removing a virus

Inability to remove individual favourites

Block downloading onto Windows XP

Internet (view

Incredible amounts of system and internet pop-ups

How do I delete a .exe file?


Default for e-mail attachments

How Do I Backup My Computer?

Transfer files Win 7 to Win 7 (Broken screen)

How to format hard drive using USB

How to set AVG to scan MSN messenger incoming file?

Copy favorites

finding files.hidden maybe? (noob)

changes after reformat C:\

deleting old programs and files completely

HOW TO REMOVE SSK.EXE (surfsidekick 2)

tons of ie popups

How do I partion my hard drive?

program does not appear in Add or Remove

infected by malware/spyware. running PC in safe mode since 2 days.need help

How to manage two set of email filters?

Formating Non OS Hardrive - why?

How to change name for new user

Old ram was bad

Viruses found but cannot be removed

need help with cleaning

Comp messing up bad.

not all streaming video's load? please help!

probable malware on HP laptop

How to choose HDD from which XP will boot?

Trojan/Malware operating after attempted removal

help hiden network!

Some Serious Virus/Malware Problems.

configuration/internet connection

Spyware problems

download waiting time

Saved photograph shortcuts but not originals

how do i enable inbuilt mic

Google Redirecting and Popups

how to search files and folders and use run command in vista/windows

Am I dealing with a virus?

cannot do repair after fake trojan

Help High fps first

I need help to make script that

can i use my led tv as usb monitor ?

I think i have some malware.

Temp Stop programs loading in windows

How To Remove TMP Files

how to get rid of Iexplorer.exe

HELP! Can't seem to fix/remove Trojan/Spyware/Malware (virus)

Disc Cleaning

sending docs on vista to CD

Serious computer memory issues.

Static in microphone

Erasing my HD but need OS

Possible Malware.internet acting up

Hidden Folder

Recovering Uninstalled files.

How to remove Apsense

I updated my Chipset

Getting permission

Some problems with spyware removal

Cant Ged Rid of This Virus

Cannot shut down program

DNS servers survive attack.

Help.I have tons of spy ware and can't get rid of it

can only save pics as bitmap or art files?

Keyboard & mouse disabled

password disabled

JAVA_BYTEVER.R sluggish perfomance

Help! Log inside.IE ad popups

How do I create a reboot CD for my computer?

re-formatted my C:drive but on the internet it keep crashing? any help!

Folder Sharing

Need to uninstall?

Windows xp help please. (notepad pop up)[MOVED FROM WINDOWS]

Computer Really Infected

Helping A Co-Worker

Why can't I reformat my computer? Please Help

Installed new ram

malware mian.nest - AntiVir can't delete

Help with my brothers computer

Help new virus

Post Malware cleanup problems

deleteing old Os

Constant Pop-up when I open IE and click links

Need a little help to clean out my system

fatal toolbar virus

Wallpaper problem.

Popups won't stop Please help!

Paperport 11 - cut and Paste

Need Help with Spywear

Installed second harddrive

Multiple issues suddenly-malware or virus?

How to remove Entry from "Edit File Type"

Reformatting XP without Disk

Google Redirecting or Jumping to Ads

Done my homework. this should be easy!

Unable to Re-install XP Pro

Can open I/E but can't get hand tool; every mouse click beeps

Pop-Up problems.

Computer Seems to be Infected

Setting IE to get into an overloaded website?

How do I save favorites from any internet browser?

wireless is corrupt

Unused programs/files

Cant install XP

Outlook.com - print e-mails

Underclocking (RESOLVED)

Hard disk : NTFS turned into RAW after restart

getting constant spyware pop-ups

Computer linking

Please help--computer suffering from malware

system32 shortcut problems

Infected computer

I need an Uninstaller please

re-install cd-rom drive

Strange Crashing Symptoms

Restoring search history

e-mail photos

improve PC performance?

Spyware ads - IE contant popups

Upgrade CPU

Help Cleaning System

SERIOUS Folder options

don't access!

I must rollback to Windows 7

Malware problem.I think

Please I need help getting rid of spyware

Only a few sites load 100% of the time.

Dead PC

Some services dying

Recover data from a laptop that will not starup?

changed monitors

recovering videos

Getting random pop-ups

[How to] Setup in firefox browser to disconnect/reconnect Modem ips

Help! Sudden Spyware/Malware attack

format xp

Will Windows Repair nuke this Trojan?

Annoying square

please help - unable to install xp!

Redirects and Ad popups on IE and Firefox.

[Vista]Thumbdrive virus infected my Laptop

Hidden Folder Windows 10

Removing a program

Bitdefender Problems

software reload

Adding a Partition

Go to Sleep? Not?

Please explain CPU usage. I'm desperate for advice!

WD Passport won't detect on PS3/Windows after using it on MAC

How to remove the .xlime popups.

Is my Laptop infected?

Undetectable/unremovable Adware

I have some spyware that I cannot get rid of

How to take a pc remotly if it is hebernated.

Malware and slow computer.

Too Much Spyware for my computer to handle

Need Help - Possible Infection? - Can't Download Files

can the automatic update reminder function be turned off?

Please help me recover data from corrupted OS (XP)

virus attached to svchost

uninstalling a second XP version on my 'd' drive

Accessing a print share from XP desktop using Vista

Need some help with a virus/spyware

Possible Malware or Virus Lurking

Computer is acting wierd.possible malware/virus.

Allocating memory in XP to different users

How to "downgrade" to IE 6.0?

Full of virus

Formatting HD on xp for backing up 98se files

Save E-Mails in Separate Folder

I think it's a virus.

help with new pc config

Very strange display issues.video card

capture directory contents to file

Mal-ware removed.still acting up

Any way to recover the OS?

popups every few minutes

Is my internet connection being used as a proxy?

Help W\wallpaper

Copying a DVD Problem.

how to draw a red circle in a home made movie ?

Is this computer still infected?

PC rebuild

about cracking wpa2

Making a Bootable CD

invasion of malware/adware/spyware

Help! Hard Drive Free space keeps shrinking! Need help ASAP!

Can't Copy Web Graphics

Recently discovered remote access to my computer

Comp VERY Slow-infections found

My parents computer doesn't have internet sometimes

Suspect Contact with a Computer with Virus

Virus Alert! McAfee doesn't remove

Mouse pointer speed in Vista help

Constant pop-up's and loading really slow

Deleting personnel files leaving OS sys files in tacket.

C: drive locked in administrator

Enabling Registry Editor?

Winmerg compare video files ?

Please help! My PC is flooded with viruses and malware!

How to remove Searchcompletion/AutocompletePro/Widdit.com Malware

Someone Help Internet Not Working?!?!

need help with infected computer


How do I install ms-dos?


how do you Undo a modified document in word

How to make Microsoft spell check in German

Possilbe Malware Help

Keylogger found

How to increase space in drive C ?

Corupt Data on 500gb eSATA drive

Getting Blocked From Site

Bad spyware problems

HELP Windows vista buisness headset

Adding Memory

Removed alot of Spyware

Possible Malware

How to make your PC Faster?

Possible malware or virus

My Norton Antivirus was disabled

PLease help me get rid of Spyware?

Constant Pop-Ups and No Volume

how do i delete a OPERATING SYSTEM

popups of search engine sites

Burning DVDs in Media Center

Internet Explorer Hijacked - tried everything!

What should I do to get faster with an old PC?

Spam Mail Help !

Can't remove malware via any reputable anti-virus programs.

FakeAlert-B Trojan won't go away. Help.

PC Still Sick After Much Cleaning

Virus on Desktop

While running an app my PC seems to click on the background

Help My Laptop is under attack

Images/Photos are not clear when i use the internet

Cleaned up but still infected(log inside)

Wireless LAN connection issue

Computer not performing at max

malware not leaving my sys!

Trying to clean my bros PC now. NEED HELP

ESET threats

Setting up LAN networking PROBLEM

Can't get rid of XP-Guard

?need XP - cant run this old cd-rom

Always Perform This Ation Disable?

Computer is slow and appears to have a virus. Please Help!

Hotmail account spoofing of emails


shortcuts don't open on full page

Problem adding new email account to client

Help me get rid of this Trojan Popup Virus!

Issues with Computer after virus infection.

My computer is messing up

Head Phone sound lost

How to extract .res files?which software needed?

Help with restore

Friends computer jacked up

Need Help removing a 2nd OS startup installer

viruses and infected objects found.

My Laptop Won't Type Help I don't want to lose it!

How to swap one drive (boot) for another.

Several Spyware Warnings

Need instructions on how to completely remove second Windows 7 from secondary HDD

New.Net infection

i need help and very frustrated:(

Help with xp restore virus removal

Big problem with popups!

Slow computer. Please check for malware

Can't install wireless pc card

Virus on my Vista

Hoping for help with pop-ups

Videos + Games lagging.

Think computer may have a virus

Blocking email use in Outlook

How can I re-install Vista from my recovery partition?

slow video streaming

Administrator options

can't re-install XP follwing virus infection

Help with an infected Computer

Printing with Windows 7

Possible Keylogger threat on my cpu

Outlook user misidentified

I want to remove old MSN Messenger. Is this correct?

Audio feedback help.

XP partition on Vista

Please do help me with my PC slowness + fps drop.

cannot change xp administrator account password

Computer speed problems - Possible Malware issue?

Disable graphic cards

How to get rid of "dumprep" from MSCONFIG ?

help with adware/virus infestation

HDD partition died

Ugly background and other stuff

Access files on hard drive with broken OS?

Apple broke my clean Windows or was it me?

new hdd with copy and paste

Broswer Redirect - on a Mac!

How to Set up a Docklet for Removable Device for RocketDock?

AV Security had taken over my laptop help!

Activation code issue

a lot of pop-ups

System compromised.trojan? should I reload?

My computer is infected please help

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