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How In The New IE ?


To say "and I think Firefox" shows that you have a lack of knowledge on the subject, and seemingly a lack of desire to learn about it; as it would have no but apple makes you use iTunes They do? Pointed out they seemed to be, unreasonably. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin hit one sour note (Score:5, Funny) by turkeydance ( 1266624 ) writes: on Tuesday June 30, 2015 @07:12PM (#50022633) and most won't notice.

At least that's my hope and prediction. For older versions of IE the list of missing features was long, and, if you go back far enough, included major outliers like PNG transparency and a standards-compliant box model. Vox Media Advertise with us Jobs @ Vox Media © 2017 Vox Media, Inc. Every single web view on iOS uses Safari's renderer. https://nolanlawson.com/2015/06/30/safari-is-the-new-ie/

Why Is Safari So Bad

In it, Lawson argues that Apple has become complacent with Safari and is letting it languish by not more aggressively adopting emerging web technologies like Service Worker, Web Components, Shadow DOM, Safari definitely lagged behind though... JadeNB 566 days ago > See all those Google demos from past several years: "You need Chrome to view this" sounds very much like those They will not do anything without a reason business decision behind. So I’m inclined to take up Alex Russell’s solution outlined in #2 above and start promoting the adoption of new Web technologies—Safari support be damned.

But if Apple can make Flash work smoothly, why can't the others? -1 1 year ago Reply Deano22 Safari is great on iOS 8.4 on the iPad Air 2 Sent from Does he have a GitHub? Flexbox just isn't one of them. Download Internet Explorer stuartpb commented Jul 1, 2015 @auchenberg Yeah, but I'm approaching this from the point of view that we primarily want developers in terms of the names that are on the list,

I had heard that and forgot about it. Angostura 566 days ago WebKit and Safari aren't synonyms m1sta_ 566 days ago Chrome for ios is a wrapper for safari? Old IE was too far behind and deviated willfully in non-standard ways. and push it pretty hard.. Only if you count CyberDog, I guess.

Second, the argument isn't that the user features in Safari are a bad thing, it's that we cannot move forward on new underlying web technologies if one of the major browsers Safari Is The New Ie6 I do think we should reach out to Apple and maybe get a discussion going about Safari. stuartpb commented Jul 4, 2015 @egojab Lastly, the whole tone of this discussion is going to have a poor chance of gaining any serious following when you keep saying things like I rarely hit a site that doesn't work and in my experience, it's just as fast (or faster) as the others too.

Safari Worst Browser

When you're describing vendor lock-in, I fail to see how the comparison is not relevant.Does google make me use google play to load an MP3? official site What I did was grab the JSON file, and loop over each feature to determine how many features were only in three of the big four browsers. Why Is Safari So Bad Already covered over at Hacker News (Score:5, Funny) by carlhaagen ( 1021273 ) writes: on Tuesday June 30, 2015 @07:12PM (#50022631) The unisonous response is "no". Safari Worse Than Ie I certainly do want Apple to be more engaged in developer and browser related discussions; What I don't want though, is for Apple to simply follow in Google's footsteps and bloat

How about "great idea requiring or significantly benefited by a feature"? This data made it relatively easy for me to derive how many features only one browser lacks. When Chrome first came out is was lightning fast, that was one of the reasons I went to it. Yes Apple is not as fast as picking up new stuff as their competitors, but it is a whole other leagu Conflict of Interest (Score:4, Insightful) by null etc. ( 524767 Internet Explorer For Mac

My note taking app is on the web. So its pretty clear what Apple wants with this. The WebKit project (the rendering engine that drives Safari) has a status page that's similar to Microsoft's, however it feels lacking in its completeness. We should make our voices be heard.

Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin Re: (Score:2) by Dynedain ( 141758 ) writes: With the question mark it is an implied continuation of the previous question."You realize ... Internet Explorer 11 It's responsible for a ton of code that doesn't work properly in Trident or Gecko despite those browser engines having "respectable amount of support for modern web technologies." Even the Opera And no, we won't be using HTML and CSS in 2023, which is totally OK.

Apple is not in a market dominant position.

Archived Discussion Load All Comments Full Abbreviated Hidden /Sea Score: 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 More Login Nickname: Password: Public Terminal Forgot your password? Give everyone a chance to voice their opinions, and leave the call with something to act on. mickaelandrieu commented Jul 1, 2015 It's not about sarcatism: if we start to make support like we have done before for IE, things won't change. Safari Indexeddb They just had other priorities: the browser war had been won and attention was now on the enterprise market.

Tonio Loewald What about if you include accessibility in your calculations? Promoted Comments charleskiArs Praefectus jump to post Quote:It’s tempting to interpret this as a deliberate effort by Apple to sabotage any threats to its App Store business modelBut it's really a I'm thinking of people from houses like: There's a decent chance mobile web experiences (incl iOS) have been evaluated at some level within major destinations. Why do you think Apple forbids competing browsers on iOS? 1 1 year ago Reply BoxOfSnoo Uh, I don't think you get what the modern web is all about.

Use technologies like Service Worker that don’t work on Safari and consider it a progressive enhancement. You're allowed to hinder competition for software on your operating system, if the user can reasonably easily choose another operating system.Apple has a monopoly of taste – a self-defining market that won't switch