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Please ask a new question if you need help. Hello. I reset FF to default settings and javascript worked, now today it doesn't. Why did early satellites (e.g. Check This Out

The easiest way to do this is using a workspace snapshot. This if statement returns false (as expected) because x is not equal to 10: var x = 0;if (x == 10) Try it Yourself » This if statement returns true (maybe Cancel Subscribe to feed Question details Product Firefox System Details Windows 7 Firefox 10.0.2 More system details Additional System Details This happened Every time Firefox opened This started when... Generally speaking, it is used to allow Website developers to create web pages that have some intelligence built in to them.

Javascript Not Working In Chrome

I was surprised too.Michel H.Good post! Everything has to be backwards compatible, so things never get simpler only more complicated. With out looking at your blade file I will guess your loading jquery code before jquery is loaded.

This is given as an example so many times online that I guess, anybody trying to learn JavaScript will pick this up as a pattern. The outer function returns the inner function (which also uses this scoped num variable) and the element’s onclick is set to that inner function. Read More » REPORT ERROR PRINT PAGE FORUM ABOUT × Your Suggestion: Your E-mail: Page address: Description: Submit × Thank You For Helping Us! Javascript Function Undefined But Exists Interesting that looking at the developer tools (I had looked there earlier, but thanks anyway sahadat!) led me astray - I kept looking for a more complicated solution to the problem!

Javascript hides my mobile nav once clicked and shows elements properly. Javascript Not Working Html Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Why is my Javascript not working? Does any other programming language do that?Michael Simkin[ 2, 3, 10 ].sort( (a, b) => a - b )Oren ZomerYes, I know this is the right way sort an array of It’s all about context.

But now, look at the difference when we invoke obj.whoAmI() vs. Javascript Function Not Working Log inSign up Your browser is not supported. At first look it seems simple, but it's an illusion. OK, i tried SafeMode and it works.

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Desktop Screenshot: Mobile Screenshot: Can you elaborate on the issue you're seeing? https://www.codecademy.com/en/forum_questions/5188f3694f7c5d1bcc0047e6 PetersonThis is a great recommendation, I reference this guide often when looking up something I can't remember or want to make sure I am correct on.Ryan J. Javascript Not Working In Chrome My JavaScript is not working on other sites to. Javascript Not Working Firefox nothing happens.

Meet the Top 10 Freelance JavaScript Developers for Hire in January 2017CommentsboriscyGreat article #7 was the best.saitodisseGood post. http://wikisky.net/not-working/internet-connected-but-not-working.html It's also used for Cookie detection, Flash version detection, Java version detection and so on. Thing is with this site - you can't enter if JavaScritp is turned off. I deleted all the records from my AdBlock and choose a subscription to the thingy that chooses what to block. Javascript Not Working Safari

Avoiding Memory Leaks: What you need to know JavaScript’s memory management (and, in paticular, garbage collection) is largely based on the notion of object reachability. What Exactly Is Minimum Connection Time? if ({}) // ... this contact form Thanks for adding value here in the comments though, hopefully learners will read the comments as well.Ryan J.

Toptal handpicks top JavaScript engineers to suit your needs.Start hiringLoginTop 3%WhyClientsPartnersCommunityBlogAbout UsStart hiringApply as a DeveloperLoginQuestions?Contact UsHire a developerBuggy JavaScript Code: The 10 Most Common Mistakes JavaScript Developers MakeView all articlesby My Javascript Is Not Working In Chrome There are an increasing number of security minded people who do not just let JavaScript run on every single page they visit to decrease the chances of these attacks. Ashley Wile 8,302 Points Ashley Wile Ashley Wile 8,302 Points >1y ago Thank you for your feedback.

Performance comparisons here (forEach 73% slower for me, Chrome): https://jsperf.com/for-vs-foreach/37BeGe1#8 is incorrect.

Please ask a new question if you need help. It is perfectly legitimate JavaScript code. Submit a request Popular questions: Why is my site slow, 522 errors, I'm expecting a spike in traffic cloudflare.com Terms Privacy Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Powered by Zendesk Sign Up Sign Javascript Not Working On Website I'm a completely beginner and try to learn some basics in web development....

And similarly, if the name property is removed from an instance of BaseObject, the prototype chain will then be searched and the name property will be retrieved from the prototype object Best Answer (As Selected By ColBatGuano) ColBatGuano 1 year ago Problem (and solution) found! Did "Yesterday's Enterprise" enjoy a particulary high budget? http://wikisky.net/not-working/internet-not-working-anymore-please-help.html In strict mode, attempting to do so throws an error.

I genuinely am curious why you think the language is evolving in a bad way. Why didn't the original Death Star's shields protect against small fighters? One way of doing this would be, for example, as follows: var MyObject = function() {} MyObject.prototype.whoAmI = function() { console.log(this === window ? "window" : "MyObj"); }; var obj = Firefox has only one global on/off setting for JavaScript, which you can check here: (1) In a new tab, type or paste '''about:config''' in the address bar and press Enter/Return.

Tools Use our IFrame on your site User agent parser Use the API Send browser info via email Developers How this site can help you Unknown user agent fragments Development Blog So again we’re left wondering why there is a memory leak here!? This is one of the most common errors in JavaScript. Common Mistake #6: Incorrect use of function definitions inside for loops Consider this code: var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('input'); var n = elements.length; // assume we have 10 elements for this example

Looks fine. Again...because it's about how it's called, not where it's declared. Adding a DOM element is an expensive operation. If you guess that the console.log() call would either output undefined or throw an error, you guessed incorrectly.

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