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Slow Windows Load/PUM.UserWLoad Trojan.Ransom

people need to stop being meek and polite about what a piece of garbage win 10 is. Completion time: 2012-11-19 07:56:48 - machine was rebooted ComboFix-quarantined-files.txt 2012-11-19 12:56 . If you can not remove the PUM.UserWLoad - Trojan.Ransom items, follow the instructions below so you can remove these items succesfully from your computer with the Kaspersky Rescue CD. HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows|Load (Trojan.Ransom) -> Data: C:\Users\BRANDO~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\msbfuwyv.scr -> Delete on reboot. http://wikisky.net/slow-windows/won-t-load-any-programs-from-desktop-super-slow-help-please.html

thats why i have follow your instruction for IE (run for asministrator) and also installed esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe. (i sav it to Drive D:) the result is just the same with the one Note - this entry either replaces or loads the legitimate Visual Basic Compiler (vbc.exe) process which is located in %Windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727. Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4 Scan... Note - this is not the legitimate Visual Basic Compiler (vbc.exe) process which is typically located in %Windir%\Microsoft.NET%\[various] or %Windir%\winsxs%\[various].

so far it seems my computer just fine =)here's the log you ask, i hope i did it right :ComboFix 13-03-28.01 - maria 04/01/2013 23:09:30.2.2 - x86Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 6.1.7600.0.1252.62.1033.18.1979.1217 ESET and Avast. You’ll need to provide administrator permission to change the settings on this page, so click the text at the top of the screen that reads Change settings that are currently unavailable.

The file is located in %AppData%NoboombaXvideo.exeDetected by Dr.Web as Trojan.StartPage.51862 and by Malwarebytes as Trojan.BoombaNoBVNSEUHJXvideo.exeDetected by Dr.Web as Trojan.MulDrop5.51011 and by Malwarebytes as Backdoor.Agent.GenNoHkcmd.exeXvideo.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as Backdoor.Agent.Gen. One of the OneScan family of rogue scanner programsNovaccineqXvaccineqctrl.exeVaccineQ rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions hereNovaccinequsbXvaccinequsb.exeVaccineQ rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions hereNoVaccineScanMainXVaccineScan.exeVaccineScan rogue security software - The file is located in %AppData%NoASUS SmartDoctorUVGAProbe.exe"ASUS SmartDoctor is a group of special tools to help users make the most of their ASUS graphics cards. Daraufhin habe ich mir Malwarebytes heruntergeladen und installiert.

The file is located in %System%NoWindows ServiceXvideo2.exeAdded by the DOWNLOADER.SMALL.MY TROJAN!NoSpeedBitVideoAcceleratorNVideoAccelerator.exe"SpeedBit Video Accelerator makes videos from YouTube and over 150 sites stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and Cam Console Auto LauncherNoV0510Mon.exeUV0510Mon.exeCreative Live! The file is located in %System%NowindowsXVBSyS.vbsAdded by the ROCK-D WORM!Nowinupdate2846Xvbsystem35.exe msvbrun.exeAdded by the MUTIN-C TROJAN!Nowinphonics7536Xvbsystem35.exe setups.exe vb.vbAdded by the MUTIN-C TROJAN!NoVBS_AUTO_UPDATEXVBS_Update-0548656X.vbsDetected by Symantec as [email protected]cted by Malwarebytes as Trojan.MSIL. i thought i already disabled it.

What exactly does Sleep mode do? I see more than one Anti Virus Programm installed. PAPI (Perception and Preference Inventory ).pptc:\x\alat tes.pptxc:\x\Coon_11.pptc:\x\papi lbr jwban large.jpgc:\x\papi lbr jwban.jpgc:\x\PENAWARAN IBU RINI.xlsc:\x\Penawaran Ibu Titiek Soeharto.xlsxc:\x\Personality_Ch8.docc:\x\rochassesscrosscult.pptc:\x\scorecard papi large.jpgc:\x\scorecard papi.jpgc:\x\transfer stie trisakti.doc..((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2013-02-28 to 2013-03-29 )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))..2013-03-29 16:47 . During the startup of the PC, enter the (BBS) Bios Boot Selector menu with F10 or F11 and select the USB flash drive that contains HitmanPro.Kickstart to boot from.

The file is located in %AppData%NoCSAV_CheckVirusesYVCHK.EXEPart of Commtouch Command Antivirus (was Authentium, now Cyren)NoDarkComet RATXvchost.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as Backdoor.DarkComet.E. It’s a pain that so many people have run into issues with the Anniversary Update, but hopefully once they’re corrected, they can go on to enjoy all the features in the For me it looks like all your Downloads will be saved in this folder. You get maximum availability of your data, while lost, damaged and stolen media become a thing of the past." Version 4NoVCDPlayerNVCDPlayer.exeVirtual CD from H+H Software GmbH (was Microtest) - "creates images

Runs as the VETMSGNT (VetMsg.exe) service in later product versionsNoVet AlertYvetmsg9x.exePart of Vet Antivirus - an earlier version of the CA antivirus products. have a peek at these guys Reboot, and your boot time should improve. If you see a logon screen you can either select a user and logon, or if you wait approximately 15 seconds, HitmanPro will be started on your Windows logon screen. Yes these folders are OK.Whats this one ?

All logs/reports, etc.. The value data points to "vbcc.exe" (which is located in %AppData%\FolderName)NoVbchostXVbchost.exeDetected by Intel Security/McAfee as Ransom and by Malwarebytes as Backdoor.Agent.ENoMicrosoft UpdaterXvbcjlg.exeAdded by a variant of the SPYBOT WORM! Removal instructions hereNoVCMnet11.exeXVCMnet11.exeWindows AFA Internet Enhancement - browser hijacker redirecting to adsourcecorp.com. check over here Sneaky provides quick "hotkey" access between each, and will perfectly camouflage almost any application.' No longer supportedNoVideo DisplayXVDISP.EXEAdded by the AGOBOT-KE WORM!NoprinterdrvXvdms.exeDetected by Trend Micro as TROJ_OPTIXKIL.30NoVdoctorXvdoctorp.exeVDoctor rogue security software -

Then i ran Malwarebytes and found 2 trojan/virus: Trojan.Ransom and PUM.UserWLoad. Just run fixdamage.exe. Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden" Sowohl als Admin als auch unter dem Benutzer "User" finden Antivir keinen Virus mehr.

Displays on-screen notification messages when ever a virus is found.

I usually tried to save the installed program in Program Files. You must agree with the terms of EULA. Run a scan with HitmanPro to double-check your system of any remnants of the Trojan.Ransom infection. The file is located in %ProgramFiles%\vaccinewareNovaccinewebstart.exeXvaccinewebstart.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as Rogue.VaccineWeb.

Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {2B2D1395-420B-D5C9-657E-930FE358FC3C}SP: avast! Read More , a first for Windows. They say hi in the morning, remind you of your appointments and dance for you on request...Novc2111ev5t1cXvg1c211vv12.exeDetected by Sophos as Troj/Wonton-RP and by Malwarebytes as Trojan.Agent.EDNoloadXVGA.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as Backdoor.NetWiredRC. http://wikisky.net/slow-windows/very-slow-pc-help.html The file is located in %AppData%\DriversUpdateNoVDTaskNVDTask.exeVirtualDrive from Farstone - virtual CD/DVD drive emulator.

O24 - Desktop Components:0 (Die derzeitige Homepage) - About:Home O32 - HKLM CDRom: AutoRun - 1 O33 - MountPoints2\ google_ad_section_start 6\Shell - "" = AutoRun O33 - MountPoints2\ google_ad_section_start 5\Shell\AutoRun\command - Kennwort Log-Analyse und Auswertung: BKA-Virus, PUM.UserWLoad, Trojan.Delf, Trojan.Ransom.Gen, alles auf einmal Windows 7 Wenn Du Dir einen Trojaner eingefangen hast oder stndig Viren Warnungen bekommst, kannst Du hier die Logs unserer The file is located in %System%NoVagiconlineXvadaSq.exeAdded by the SDBOT-TD WORM!NoVade Retro Outlook ExpressYVaderetro_oe.exeVade Retro anti-spam software for Outlook Express from GOTO software productsNovaeufXvaeuf.exeDetected by Malwarebytes as Worm.SFDC. The file is located in %UserProfile%NoMicrosoft Driver Update 3XVAD33.exeDetected by Kaspersky as Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.akvyNoMSDatablaXvadasq.exeDetected by Total Defense as Win32.Lioten.IK.

Let’s have a look at your Virtual Memory settings and see if they can be changed to fix the problem. It monitors the Fan RPM, AGP Power Level, GPU and RAM temperature, and has a slide bar for easy manual overclocking"NoVGATuneXVGATune.exeDetected by Sophos as W32/Rbot-AWMNoghostXvghost.exeDetected by Intel Security/McAfee as RDN/Generic.dx and Looking for more help fixing Windows 10? After removing XP Antispyware 2012,I can no longer connect to the internet.It just says "acquiring network address".

You enter the BIOS by pressing a specific key.