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XP Pro (sp2) Loading Problem


Slow booting If your computer takes a very much longer time to boot after you installed Service Pack 2, one possibility is that one of the startup programs causes this. Try to install Service Pack 2 after a clean boot. There are other programs you can get too, What's My Computer Doing is a good one (google for it), it will show you what is active. Please note that IT Services is unable to supply Windows XP Installation CDs to individuals. http://wikisky.net/windows-xp/loading-xp-home-problem.html

Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Nov 22, 2004 add this to my comment above i did allow ie to work in nortons so nortons To work around this problem, cancel Setup, uninstall the software, and restart the upgrade. Brian Carnahan reported that Blue Screen Stop Errors (0x00000035 and 0x00000019) when inserting USB 2 Pen Memory modules could be cured by uninstalling Symantec Ghost Console Client. In this case, initiating a repair operation is synonymous with performing an in-place upgrade, so you'll need to press R. http://superuser.com/questions/48903/windows-xp-stuck-on-loading-screen

Windows Xp Stuck On Loading Screen

On the Welcome to System Restore screen, select Restore my computer to an earlier time (if it is not already selected), and then click Next. The information on clean booting is contained in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article. If a spyware module has altered aspects of your system and then you start replacing system files, there is a good chance that Windows will lose network and Internet connectivity.

So i think i've figured out how to fix SP2. CLASS ACTION SUIT! Ultimately, you might need to buy a new Windows XP installation CD if you want to do a Repair Installation. Windows Xp Won't Start In Safe Mode The process that took 100% of my CPU was called " Fixccs.exe".

This is especially important for wireless network adapters. Windows Xp Startup Repair Contact Netzero, http://www.netzero.com, for program updates. Example (type all in one line): netsh int ip reset "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\resetlog.txt" One known cause for such problems is a Cisco VPN client. http://help.it.ox.ac.uk/helpcentre/troubleshooting/winxp/ Finally and spontaneoulsly got access to the browser again.

One thing I have noticed, among other things, is that, for example, before this problem I could perform disk defrag or run Acronis for a backup and times were good. Windows Xp Freezes On Startup Normally you don't want 60 Hz here, as this flickers. I can boot in SAFE mode with no problem. One of the most common ones is the nVidia graphics driver.

Windows Xp Startup Repair

xp-AntiSpy If you ever installed xp-AntiSpy, it disables two DLLs Windows XP SP2 needs. http://winhlp.com/node/125 Dijkstra path finding in C# is 15x slower than C++ version What's the name of this correlation/association measure between binary variables? Windows Xp Stuck On Loading Screen If not the problem might be something else. Windows Xp Not Starting In Any Mode Ordering the service pack on a CD Preparing for installation Cannot install Windows XP with integrated Service Pack 2 Cannot install Service Pack 2 Boot or shutdown problems after Service Pack

The cause appears to be that the machine's BIOS does not install a production level microcode update (a correction to a fault in the microprocessor's own microcode). this content Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry. If you are used to having a pop up blocker on your machine then these issues are probably nothing new for you. Try to boot into safe mode or disable both L1 and L2 caches in the BIOS to get the machine to boot, then uninstall Service Pack 2, then wait for and Windows Xp Startup Repair Without Disk

Update them. The Catroot2 folder is automatically recreated by Windows, but the Catroot folder is not recreated if it is renamed. That being the case, I told her that Service Pack 2 was the greatest thing since sliced bread and that she should load it immediately. weblink No start menu, no icons, nothing.

This happened to 3 different computers. Windows Xp Won't Boot The same is true for Service Pack 3 (SP3), which appeared on 2008-05-06. It most likely corresponds to a third party program that you should uninstall.

Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Oct 19, 2004 after sp2 applied even on clean system installation: when I go to install software like office

The latter will fix your system by restoring it to exactly how it was when it left the factory - all your own files and any new software that you installed Log In or Register to post comments Anonymous User (not verified) on Nov 3, 2004 Man.... Here it is: fixdb.bat For other possible solutions check http://www.updatexp.com/cryptographic-service.html and the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for details. Windows Xp Stuck On Welcome Screen Contacted ISP's tech support, and after a half hour concluded problem was SP2.

through routers employing NAT, impossible. Some services can be disabled for a test, others cannot. Check particularly the Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), and the Computer Browser services, which should be set to Automatic and be Started. check over here The problem here is that it is not certain whether these access rights are not overly permissive and increase other risks, but if all else fails, this may still be better

I suppose I can say this with the knowledge of the problems I have had with their newer version of XP " DO NOT UPGRADE!!!" Log In or Register to post To create a Windows startup disk, insert a floppy disk into the drive of a similarly configured, working Windows XP system, launch My Computer, right-click the floppy disk icon, and select I am not a computer whiz like you all, just an every day user looking for answers to this incomprehensible injustice! IS ANYONE THINKING THAT A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IS ORDER REGARDING THIS SP2 GARBAGE?

PowerShell is the definitive command line interface and scripting solution for Windows, Hyper-V, System Center, Microsoft solutions and beyond. You can try using a trouble-shooting boot cd, such as the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. This, of course, requires that Guest has enough rights to the share and to the shared objects. Check for your computer's and peripherals' manufacturers: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sp2/oemlinks.mspx Device drivers known to cause instability in Windows XP Service Pack 2 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883775/ Uninstall Service Pack 2 If you have currently unsolvable problems

Without getting into the system details and such, I am asking if you can give me some insight into things I can check before I just completely erase everything and start Click on the third button—settings for system start options. Press Enter to start the Windows Setup. It's always stuck at the same point (it seems, but the windows loading screen is a kind of "black box", I don't know what he's doing...) –Julien N Sep 30 '09

The firewall asks only once for each program that tries to open a listening port. I ended up having to reformat the computer and reinstall Windows. The microcode version is identified by this utility as "CPU Revision". Skip to main content Social networking links Subscribe to our RSS Feed Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Find us on GitHub Header Shortcuts Getting started Manage accounts Nexus

from www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn. Although a Repair Install should not affect your own files, it's better to be safe than sorry. We also have around 400 applications, many in house. The average time to do a full backup with Acronis was about 6-8 minutes.